Notes From A Bitcoin Whale - Part 4

Darnley Mining was recently voted the best Bitcoin Mining company in the world by Coin News. Here are some of the things which are important to us when dealing with our clients.

Firstly, we not only aim to be contactable at all times, by telephone, WhatsApp; email, and Social Media, but we respond in a fast manner. In fact, because our clientele is global and lives in different timezones, we monitor incoming messages 24/7

Secondly, clients who are unsure about who we are and what we do, are most welcome to visit us at our Industrial Estate in North London and receive a guided tour of our Bitcoin mining rig. We even throw in a lunch!

Thirdly, the annual return on investment of 2,386% we offer our clients is FIXED, and does not fluctuate with market conditions. This return is substantially higher than the returns offered by any of our competitors.

Fourthly, we do not charge a fee for withdrawals, and execute such requests in under 10 minutes.

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