How do I contact you?


Telephone us (your call is free), WhatsApp us, or send us an email, and we will respond promptly to your enquiry. Personal visits from potential investors are most welcome; just get in touch to make an appointment to view our Bitcoin mining rig, and receive a personal tour by Jamie Darnley. Our Bitcoin mining rig is located at Artesian Close Industrial Estate, Artesian Close, London NW10 8RW

​Are you a legitimate company?


Yes, Darnley Mining Limited is a registered limited company. Our company registration number is 12771319, and the company is registered in England and Wales. 


What returns on my investment do you offer and how safe are these returns?


Bitcoin Mining is hugely profitable, and we offer our investors an annual return on their investment of 2,386%; this is the equivalent of a return of 1.5% per day, compounded over 365 days.

Therefore, if you invest with us for 1 day only, the return on your investment will be 1.5%. If you invest with us for a month, the return on your investment will be 56.31% (1.5% compounded over 30 days).

Bitcoin Mining doesn't involve having to decide or "gamble" whether the Bitcoin will rise or fall, and buy or sell accordingly. It is about solving complex cryptological puzzles, and to do so before another miner does.. As we solve over 70% of these before other miners, our annual return on investment of 2,386% is guaranteed within an error rate of only +/-5%.


What is the minimum amount I can invest and can I withdraw my capital and profits at any time?


We do not have a minimum investment, and we welcome small investors; whether you are a small or a large investor, we do recommend making regular investments over time, as these hedge against fluctuations in the price of Bitcoin.

You may withdraw your capital and/or profits at any time, and we do not require you to give notice. Requests to withdraw funds are acted upon immediately, and there are no withdrawal or other fees.

What is it that you actually do with my investment?


We use your investment for the sole purpose of improving the efficiency, efficacy, and size of our Bitcoin mining rig, in other words to mine more Bitcoin per day.

This includes improving and fine tuning our hash rate through motherboards with multicore Intel processors, capable of supporting 8 video cards (GPUs), DDR4 RAM, SSD hard drives, and Plus Gold power supplies.. Whenever possible, we add to our mining rig with additional Bitmain and BitFury units.

We also pay the fees of world class blockchain developers who help us improve the quality of our mining software; to date, over 1,200,000 lines of code have been added to Jamie Darnley's original code, allowing Darnley Mining to simultaneously hash all known mining algorithms at breakneck speed. No other miner can do that.

How do I make an investment?


Deposits and withdrawals are made with Bitcoin. If you contact us to say that you are happy to proceed, we will allocate you your own personal Bitcoin address,  You should send all your deposits there.


We also need to know your Bitcoin address, in order to promptly fulfill any withdrawal requests you make.

How do I monitor how well my investment is doing?


We send out statements every Friday morning; statements show the amount of funds invested and withdrawn to date, and the current value of your portfolio.

Statements are sent as PDF files and can either be sent to your email address, or directly to your WhatsApp.