We mine 300 Bitcoin a month using a custom-built Bitmain rig fitted with 2,500 GPU and ASCI miners, and proprietary C software designed to simultaneously hash all known mining algorithms, at a speed of 20 PH/s.


We offer a 2,386% per annum return on our clients' bitcoin deposits, do not require a minimum investment, and no-fee withdrawals can be made at any time.

Our Bitcoin mining rig is installed at Artesian Close Industrial Estate, Artesian Close, London NW10 8RW, and potential investors are most welcome to contact us and arrange a viewing.


Message from Jamie Darnley


Whether you are looking to invest $50 or $50,000 I will be delighted to get to know you. 

We are the largest UK based Bitcoin Mining farm, and our profitability continues to amaze our often much larger Chinese and Russian competitors: in fact, when we compete head-to-head we win 70%  of the time. This is because our individual Bitmain units are of a far higher specification, and our custom mining software was written by myself and a small team of world-class blockchain specialists over a period of 18 months (and now stands at over 2 million lines of highly effective code!). The Chinese and Russians, in comparison, rely entirely on Open Source off-she-shelf software.

Please DO contact us; we are very friendly and take our time with each and every one of our clients.